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Curiosity promises guests a purpose beyond traditional luxury experiences. A 45 meters super-yacht that allows you to live the Mediterranean Sea and its most hidden shores in a profound and meaningful way


45 meters Super-Yacht

Curiosity lines are originally from early 90s, a period considered the zenith of ultimate aesthetic in naval architectural and spatial ideation.

The massive refit in 2021 has brought 45 M super-yacht Curiosity to a level of pristine condition. The refit respects original timeless design while mixing more modern elements to fit the highest comfort, safety and functional standards.

All spaces have been restored with the utmost care and respect for Curiosity creating a 70s- inspired nomad appearance that would intrigue the visitor






Luxury experience, elevated

Curiosity brings you one step closer to the sea by blending private charter concept with the whole luxury experience pack. A total of 12 guests can be accommodated in an arrangement of 6 staterooms with marble en-suite bathroom.

10 crew members specialised in offering awe-inspiring italian art style service and desirable holistic on-boat and water activities will take care of your journey.

The abundance of intimate relaxing areas from the Shore Deck all the way up to the flamboyant Riot Flame Deck, merged with water sports playground and holistic sessions, make Curiosity the elevated reality of yachting.